Chief Pastor List

List of Chief Pastors from Pastor Paul founder of CPM / TPM/ NTC / UPC / NCPC


Pastor Paul (Founder and Chief Pastor) 1923 – 1945

Pastor Alwin R. de Alwis 1945 -1962

Pastor Freddy Paul 1962 – 1973

Pastor A .C. Thomas 1973 – 1976

Pastor Jacob Ratnasingham 1976 – 1990

Pastor V. G. Samuel 1990 – 1991

Pastor H. Ernest Paul 1991 – 1994

Pastor C .K. Lazarus 1994 – 1999

Pastor P .M. Thomas 1999 – 2001

Pastor T.U.Thomas 2001 – 2006

Pastor F. Wilson Joseph 2006 – 2014 (3rd March entered Glory)

Pastor Wesely Peter from 2014 (7th March onwards)


21 Commments

  1. Praise the lord
    i am also a believer of TPM since 35 yrs. in past days our TPM workers and their activities were really excellent and filled with faithful life. But now days it is really shameful to say like this. Because our all TPM workers are filled with the sickness of money. They need money money money. Where there is money there is a prayer. If you give the lot of money to them as a offering and tithe , they will pray for you very interestly . Otherwise they will do neglect and short prayer. In old days servents of god were living with faith. But now a days servents of god are asking money and other things directly to the believers. Then where is faith. Is this faithful life. They will respect only rich people that who will give much more money. They will neglect and will not give respect to the poor people. All TPM workers are really very rich than believers. They need car, AC and Luxury food. Then where is separation life. Now a days there is no faithful life in TPM Churches. It’s gone away. They need MONEY MONEY MONEY. So please all the believers pray for TPM Workers. We are in last days. God should not forget us. God may forgive all of us.

    1. We will pray
      1 John 5:14 “And this is the confidence that we have in him, that, if we ask any thing according to his will, he heareth us: “

  2. All Of Our Beloved Pastors Entered into Glory one by one & God Arising many saints instead of them it might be you & me..

    Are You Engraved in his Palms & Will You Do His Ministry ???

  3. Iam a beliver of tpm . I thank & praise god to know about the details of our mission. Te LORD shall bless thee out of Zion.



  5. I Praise Lord God Saviour Jesus Christ for Exposed about the mile stones of National Indian Christian Assemblies which it found up by Late Apostle Thomas (Disciple of Lord),

    Iam the Believer and Full time Worker of ACA Church which it founds by Apostle Sundaram in the Presidenciate of Pastor M.K.Sam Sundaram of the Apostolic Christian Assembly

    I had Pleasure to insist about the Saints Ship of Pentecostal Mission Which it Found by Apostle Paul and Presidenciate of Shepherd Alwin,

    Saints of the Pentecostal Missions are the Out-standing/Betwarding Saints of Pentecostal Mission,they are the Most annointed Saints of God and Dedicated Live Epistles of Bible.
    In this I want that all the saints of Pentecostalism and out of Pentecostalism must follows the foot-steps of these saints , I taught that Father,Son,Holyspirit dwell on the Humanic Host(Saintship of Pentecostalism)So the Pentecostal aspectivated Beleivers and Members must follows the foot-steps of these saints in these Pastor T.U.Thomas is extra vagent saint of the assembly of Pentecostal Mission so I Wish Every Persons that redeemed by God Must follows the saints of the Pentecostal Mission especially Saint T.U.Thomas

  6. Praise the lord , I am very happy to know about the Tpm details,ur are serving our lord jesus wt lord jesus said through the holy sprit.Thanks a lot. Please pray for my spritual life to be blessed by our lord jesus

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