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For the Lord has chosen you to be the city of Zion.  Ps.132:13.  He desired it for His dwelling.  Before David was able to rule as King in Zion, he first had to be found faithful in 3 places:

(1) At home in Bethlehem – it’s where our character is developed and our faithfulness proven.  We become qualified to handle spiritual things by being faithful in natural things.  It’s where we learn to overcome self-will, self-pity, misunderstandings, worries, etc.  Then our home will be Zion, the New Jerusalem.  He will dwell in us, we will become Bethlehem.

(2) Cave of Adullam: it’s here we learn to give ourselves for others, expecting nothing in return.  To protect and bless others even though we face problems in our life.  It’s here that our kingdom dies and God’s kingdom is manifested through us.  It’s here He deals with every self-seeking, self-serving motives in our heart.  This is the place where we become good soldiers of Christ as Joshua and Caleb.  Jesus Christ became the refiner, we will become refined gold.  We will need to be strong in the Word of God, then satan will never enter into our home to rob the peace, joy and love.

(3) Mount Hebron: It means Covenant.  There is no easy road to it.  It’s uphill all the way and it is that way with Covenant relationships.  While 10 of Joshua’s spies were paralysed by the giants of fear, 2 were focussed on the grapes of blessing. Only those 2 ever tasted them.

We need to pass through these paths to be His beloved bride.  Let us take care of our body soul and Spirit, because He’s coming very soon.  Develop your God-given abilities.  His word never speaks words that encourage the enemy.  The Holy Spirit is the great pleasure, we should not lose the blessing.  He will satisfy you with the finest of the wheat and with honey, feeding you with the highest life – not an ordinary life.  A desire for a better resurrection.  He’s coming soon, let us be ready to see His face.

We all wish you a very Happy Christmas and bright and prosperous New Year!  God has given you a beautiful promise, Ps.65:11: Thou crownest the ear with thy goodness and thy paths drop fatness.  So we have to keep ourselves in the centre of His will and should always enjoy in His presence, and He will give you a special strength and anointing to be a useful vessel to win many sould for the Kingdom of God.  Then we will be worthy for the above verse.


Sis Lilly S


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