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Contributed by Leo F Fen on June 23rd 2006

Origin & History of the New Testament Church

This Church was originally called “Ceylon Pentecostal Mission” and was founded by an Indian, Pastor P. Paul, in the year 1921 in Sri Lanka. Later, for the purpose of spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ and for establishing and maintaining churches, this church started functioning in India at Tuticorin in the year 1933. Now therefore this Church called “The Pentecostal Mission” in India is part of the Universal Episcopal Church with “Ceylon Pentecostal Mission, Sri Lanka” as the parent body, having other branches (Centres) outside India such as:

Pentecostal Church of Malaysia, Pentecostal Church of Singapore, Universal Pentecostal Church – U.K, Eglise de Pentecote Primitive – France, New Testament Church – U.S.A, Grace New Covenant Pentecostal Church – Canada, New Testament Church – Trinidad & Tobago (West Indies), Iglesia Communion Cristiana – Puerto Rico, Iglesia Communion Cristiana – Dominican Republic, New Testament Church – Sierra Leone (West Africa), New Covenant Pentecostal Church – Australia, New Testament Church– Papua New Guinea, New Testament Church – Nepal, New Testament Church – Fiji, Iglesia del Nueva Testamento – Mexico, Iglesia Communion Cristiana – El Salvador, Iglesia Communion Cristiana – Costa Rica, New Testament Church – Kenya, Christliche Gnaden Gemeinde – Switzerland and New Testament Church in the Middle East.

We believe and preach the doctrines of Jesus Christ and His Apostles viz. Christ, His virgin birth, His works his teachings, his crucifixion, His resurrection, his ascension, his second coming, the millennial reign, the white throne Judgement and eternity. The doctrines, the activities and the disciplines of our church are explained in detail in the booklet “Rules and Regulations of the Church, The Pentecostal Mission”.

The chief Pastor of our church is the supreme spiritual head of the mission throughout the world. He shall be a person who shall possess the grace and wisdom of God and be of unimpeachable and excellent moral character. The Chief Pastor, the Deputy Chief Pastor and the Assistant Deputy Chief Pastor constitute the Apostleship in the Church. At present the Chief Pastor of our Church is Pastor T U Thomas.

We have our Regional Church Centre in Dubai and a resident Pastor P V Chacko is posted there, who is looking after the spiritual needs of the branch Churches in the Middle East. All our ministers (Pastors and Sisters) are full-time consecrated workers, serving only the Lord without entangling in the affairs of this life. Their dedication is that “the just shall live by faith”. Their source of income is the voluntary offering of our believers. Their aim is “to present every man perfect in Christ Jesus” (Col. 1: 28).

Our Church in the Middle East is affiliated with the New Testament Church, Newark, New Jersey, U.S.A for administrative purposes. The “New Testament Church” in Abu Dhabi is also part of this Universal Episcopal Church.

Praise the Lord.

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