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  1. pl pray for marri adinaryana who is subjected to leg injury unable to walk since long period ,besides subjected to strong temptations and hardships pl uphold him and pray for his career to be blessed = moses

  2. Dear Brothers and Sisters,

    I live in the UK with my family. I am really struggling to find a job even though I have UK qualifications. My son is studying for GCSE this year May. He is also struggling with studies. Even though he is getting extra tuition paying so much money, He could not achieve good grades. My husband was backslidden but came back to God by your prayers. I asked for a prayer request for that before. But he is still in the discouraged state. Please for my family. Praise the Lord.

  3. Praise the lord,
    Pray for my family .My father experied .My mother house wife.Myself and my elder brother .My elder brother newly married.Due to some
    misunderstanding between my brother and his wife they are living separate. In my family only we three are batized in the name of jesus.So we are like feeling we are separate from others.
    Pray for my elder brother wife family .she should come back and start a new life in the year 2019 with my brother . We are in sad mode that we couldnt celebrate the xmas and new year.please pray for my family to start a new life.


  5. Praise the lord pastor my name is john wesley (22), am from Andhra pradesh. i have a prayer request regarding to my job.
    I completed my graduation in 2018 and i got mtech seat at VIT university chennai but due to financial problems in my house i didnt join in the university. My family needs my help because my father is heart patient and recently at the month of may my mother got brain surgery so due to all my problems i have to do job, i want to support my family but i didnt get any job till now iam trying i came to hyderabad and stayed there 2 months but my effort is useless iam ready to join in Rs10000 but no one is giving me a job
    Pastor please pray for me our family situation is not good. We are eagerly waiting for your reply.
    Thank you

  6. Am K. Niruban Chakkaravarthy from 2/55C Sundaramoorthy street Mundiyampakkam villupuram district Tamilnadu, My wife name is Revathy Tabitha she is gods grace conceive now with four months , She is ubnormal now in current situation with fighting with our family members daily and she is get angry easily without any reason also she is scolding the pastor & pastor family , me and our neighbours without any reasons for past one months , Request to pray for my wife and my family members salvations A.krishnamoorthy my father , K.Anjalai devi my mother and my Brother K.Azhikodavan Ragavan kumar & My Wife need to talk with my family members & peace with them

  7. I have the content of this lucifer’s letter which is as follows:

    To all satanists, representatives, agents, principalities, I write to you because Christians do us more and more harm. If we are not careful, we could be dominated, crushed and defeated. I wanted to draw your attention to the resolution we made at the last meeting in November 1991 at midnight. We succeeded in keeping the content of this meeting secret from Christians. As a result, we were able to suppress and bewitch them. That’s why I take this opportunity to congratulate you all. But things have changed. We must improve and modernise our tactics and our strategic control of the universe, because Christians are pressuring us with fervent prayers and their strong faith. The solution is to use the biblical principle the wrong way.

    We will turn the Bible upside down. We must continue to apply the technique and tactics agreed for this decade. Do not allow them to read the Bible, let them take an interest in reading publications that have nothing to do with their spiritual lives such as fun stories, magazines,mobiles,Tv programs and novels. Therefore, when the temptation comes, they will have no support and they will fall. Do not give them time to pray; push them to feel lazy in prayers, otherwise the Spirit of God will reveal our plans to them, and they will take counter-measures and crush us. You should never allow them to fast, because they will become spiritually strong and they will conquer us. We must not let them give offerings and tithes so that they are in poverty, because God loves those who give with joy. Do not allow them to love one another with sincere love. Their love should be only in words, not in acts.

    You have to push them to criticise and slander each other. You must give them freedom and wisdom in lies telling so that it becomes a bondage and a way of life, so that they do not enter the kingdom of God, but end up in Hell, the city of fire. You can let them preach on the return of Jesus Christ and the Rapture, but you have to make them think that it will happen in 10 or 20 years time because the reality is that He can come back now. You must not allow them to evangelise or testify. Make sure they are in front of the television for hours and hours to prevent them from reading the Bible and praying. Make sure they are in conflict and division. Create misunderstanding in their midst so that they are not united. I wanted to write to you on more tactics, but for the moment you have to apply this recommendation according to my directive. If you have a problem, you can call me on this number which is a direct line and you will reach me. You must keep this letter secret. Christians must not be allowed to lay their hands on it; otherwise we will be in pain and defeat. This is our plan for this decade. I wish you much luck for this decade from 2001 to 2013. Take care to attend our weekly meeting in our head quarter in the pandemonium

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