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September-October 2007 Vol 67
January to February 2008 Vol 69
March to April 2008 Vol 70
May to June 2008 Vol 71
July to August 2008 Vol 71
September to October 2008 Vol 73
November to December 2008 Vol 74
January to February 2009 Vol 75
March to April 2009 Vol 76
May to June 2009 Vol 77
July to August 2009 Vol 78
September to October 2009 Vol 79
November to December 2009 Vol 80
July to August 2010 Vol 84
November to December 2010 Vol 86
January to February 2011 Vol 87
March to April 2011 Vol 88
May to June 2011 Vol 89
May to August 2012 Vol 94
September to December 2012 Vol 95

March to April 2015

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4 Commments

  1. I really enjoy the Pilgrims Journal. I am missing a few paper copies and would like to see if I can get them. My church (New Testament Church) in Chicago Area has helped me get a few of them in paper form, but was hoping and praying you could help me get the rest. I am not always able to sit at my computer due to health problems that is why I am asking. I am bed bound 2-3 days out of the week.

  2. I value pilgrims journal magazine. I want to read it every month. But I don’t know their contact ID. Can you help? An online edition will do.

  3. pilgrims journal is rich in spiritual edification, in revelation of the word and prophetic. It helped me all through these years to gain insight. I thank God and all the servants who work behind it. May God bless and increase you in all light and abundance of his grace.

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