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Psa 55:2  “Attend unto me, and hear me: I mourn in my complaint, and make a noise;” 

Sometimes life can very tough, not just a day of troubles, but weeks, months or years and finally it takes a heavy toll on you

The Psalmist was very familiar with this throughout his life

I mourn in my complaint

Note the word not complaing but mourning, in other words too tired to even complain but just mourning

Troubles take different stages of ones life

  1. First you try to rationalize trouble (Why did this happen)
  2. Second you try to justify trouble (Maybe there is a reason)
  3. Third you try live with it thinking it will go away (I will endure it for the good)
  4. Finally when nothing happens you just learn to live with and mourn day and night

Are you familiar with this?

No more energy left to even voice it out to God but just a continues deep mourn

“and make a noise”

When pain strikes why do people just cream (or make a noise)? Why cannot they they just say “it is paining”? Noise is when the mind cannot express things logically so our mouth just screams and makes noises

When trouble hits in a hard way sometime there is nothing left to but scream and make a noise

The important thing here is God understands all the troubles of mankind and appointed people like King David to write this down and preserve it for the future in the Miracle book called the Bible

Whatever you are feeling today don’t give up! God knows what you are going through

When you think there is nothing left but to mourn and make a noise God will open a door

Trust in him


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