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Even as I write this testimony my hands shake and shiver to think of what would have happened had it not been for Gods grace and hand upon my life … this was just yesterday evening Sunday March 27th ..

It was actually one of those overtly hectic Saturdays where apart from the routine week load chores like laundry , grocery shopping we had a dentist checkup for kids and also invited guests … and like any “mum with kids” it’s not just the task at hand that comes in the list it all starts from the time you wake up to what to cook for breakfast; to how much screen time ; the different self-guilt trip indulgences like I am not indulging with my kids like other mums do on weekends ; they watch so many cartoons etc etc ; to what to shop for ; are we late for the appointment ; what can we order or cook for the guests etc etc and the “Magic Never-Ending Todo List” surprisingly multiplies with each task that comes in my mind …

Finally exhausted mentally more than physically … I just fell flat in bed … to wake up to a Sunday morning and have the same “Magic Never-Ending Todo List” run like a program in my head – we need to go to church; how do I keep kids occupied during the sermon ; will they be quiet ; should I take some snacks? which snacks ?; I will take some activity and the list flow goes on ..

Really enjoyed the service and felt a calmness and peace like as if suddenly my brain laptop ran out of battery and stopped working …. The word shared from Philippians 4 also was so connecting what really struck me was the verse 6 from “ Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.” I was reflecting to that during the sermon that yes I speak my disturbing thoughts to God in a conversation more than often but do I actually submit it to him .. and as if God was telling me through Pastor Ayesha’s prayers where she prayed… ….”….just lay it all at the foot of the cross and receive the peace “.. which is so true …

Well, it was like as if my mind knew that church is finished and it needs to restart the “Magic Never-Ending Todo List” program again and yes again I was on the roll… what to eat for lunch ; should I play with the kids or should I take a nap or should I fold the clothes and arrange the previous evening washed dishes etc etc …

Amidst all my mind chaos my husband suggested we do a beach drive which sounded like a dream come true in the given moment because I really wanted to take a breather –

so come evening around 4pm we set out to drive towards Mount Lavinia and we like to go visit the Sugar Beach for their pizza and fish 😊 and then again the “Magic Never-Ending Todo List” program started in my mind 🙂

As we were driving I was picturing ordering a pizza for kids ; a cold coffee for myself and just enjoying on the beach .. I was really enjoying the mind sauna only to be jolted back with the traffic noise and jam ; my kids jumping in the car in excitement ; my husband on the call with the restaurant which stated that they are fully booked and my husband trying to get a table for us … our vehicle inside felt like a Parliament Inhouse Session!!
and then when we reached .. the parking lot looked like it had an ongoing car sale!! In a space nothing more than 7ft apart there were so many cars so in the chaos of reversing and finding a space my husband suggested that I get down and walk across to see how crowded the restaurant is and if we really have a table for us …

and here I am – I got down and started walking with my overly engrossed mind that was trying to figure out and plead with the winds that we get a place to sit and relax , enjoy some pizza and cold coffee only to be jolted by a LOUD BLAST Of TRAIN HORN!!!

It was nothing more than a fraction later I had suddenly realized that was legs had just touched the rail crossing and I just stepped back I was in so much shock that I did not move and the big train body of compartments just swift passed me like a fast forward movie …

I was in so much shock that I didn’t realize I am still standing dangerously close to a moving train and then I stepped back few more steps and like someone lost I just saw the remainder compartments of the train run past by and my legs stood still and the only thing that came to my mind was the names of my kids – Esther Joshua … it took me a minute to realize that I am alive & ok !!

Still shaking in shock but had to look calm for the kids sake when I walked back to the car to tell my husband of the instance he was then also in equal shock as he mentioned that he heard a loud noise and was wondering why… we then drove back home and I was numbed.

It just made us realize how fragile life is and How God is always on the lookout for our safety and we often take all for granted.

Had God’s grace and protection not intervened and make the driver blast that HORN I would have be in between the tracks and maybe human mince because that is how close the train was and yet in my conscious self I did not see it ..

all this just made me realize that God is real .. Being a Christian I always believed and knew it but I always took things for granted and behaved like yes it is Gods duty to look after me and protect me why because I am Christian !!

… but after this incident … I just realized how small I am .. I mean I just another human in this vast creation that God made yet in that time of need .. He stretched His hands and shielded me from the danger.

Still shaking but in complete awe of Gods real presence and protection and all this just goes about to reaffirm all that Pastor Ayesha was sharing in the sermon today before she shared the word “Are we serious about our Christian lives and the word or do we just take God for granted as someone who is around and will provide as and when required..

All this definitely opened my eyes to the truth that life here on earth is so limited and fragile – we pursue behind so many things education ; how to keep kids happy ; how to cook well ; how to look and dress well ; how to invite people etc etc which are all things of the earth and I realized this “Magic Never-Ending Todo List” will only exhaust and never fulfill one’s needs

but Gods word and presence doesn’t have any list or Todos when we dive into it all we receive back is Strength & Peace to endeavor things of the earth..

My lesson for life has definitely shifted from “ the NeverEvending Todo List” to “Rest & Be Reassured of in God’s Presence ” .. yes I had to be jolted by an express train for this lesson and I still shake and write it … but I am proud to say … it was WORTH IT !!!

All Praise and Glory to God Alone … He loves us with so much individuality 😊 Amen

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