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Sermons by Brother Teju

Planet Niboru 

Silence of God – Part One

Silence of God – Part Two

Silence of God – Part Three

Silence of God – Part Four

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67 Responses

  1. Jesus is the living God, the Alpha and Omega, the Lord of Lords, and the King of Kings. He is the creator and designer of the universe, who sacrificed everything for humanity. There is no one comparable to Jesus.

    Please, read the Bible. Understand the holy word through the true spirit. Worship Jesus. You are the temple; let Jesus dwell in the heart of your temple. Let Jesus, through the Holy Spirit, lead and guide you.

    Please, do not be misled by pastors and churches, as many of these organizations and pastors (though not all, as very few are true) may not lead you to heaven. Do not become slaves to organizations. Instead, be a slave to the love of Christ and stand for His truth.

  2. Hi, I had been part of tpm for more than 35 years.. regular attendee and kept all the tpm rules… in various parts of india and in the west. Many of my close relatives are still serving with this mission. I am sorry to say this is not a normal church as my readers think. Though tpm has its presence in the west, it is only the south Asian immigrants who are part of it and almost zero locals unlike the early church. The reason being there is no sound biblical doctorine, no grace, no mercy, no justice.. their boast is about their celibacy life and not the cross, unfortunately the belivers focus is on the chief pastor and their form of godliness and not the finished work of the cross. I think Jesus will be more pleased with a western charity org than tpm.

    I pray that god will save this mission. The truth is the people who are part of this mission for decades are not even members, they are only visitors hence have no say in their governance or right to question when the law of god is seroiusly violated Or, to correct the system. Officially it is only those who joined their ministry are their members and sadly they are controlled by their task masters from the central.

    God has revealed everything that we ought to know through the scriptures. I request my readers to please take time to read your bible especially the gospels, over and over until you have a clear picture of who Jesus is and what he stands for and to please pray for this flock who are hypnotizeded and guided by strange teachings that no chruches ever had since the crucifixion. If it was the truth, the holy spirit would have revealed it and brought it to pass.

    I humbly pray that god will raise a generation of men and women full of the spirit and gods wisdom within this mission, break the bondages of man made teachings and embrace the true teachings of our saviour Jesus who gave his life for us and that none may perish. Amen.

    Ps: i dont want to upset my friends and family hence my identity has been concealed. Please let me know your thoughts on my post.

  3. Dear Brother Rohit,

    I pray that what I say is a boost for your ministry plus this public forum with this audience is a perfect place to display Gods love.

    I prayed a prayer of desperation because I felt like a freak by the way I look, the way I act but very crazily the way my soul has been longing for quadruples amounts of encounters with God. I was talking to another young person and somehow your name came up in our conversation. I was curious to know where you were. When I heard what you had said and how you felt; I felt a sense of encouragement. The next part has to be encounter from God. I decided to google your name and I found some of your Christ Centred videos on youtube. I watched Thank you, Im sorry as my first video and you spoke about King David attitude of who am I however the part about Daniel (my name too!) when he wept in front of God was my answer to my prayer of desperation! The very next day while at work the Holy Spirit guided me when I say thank you to think of others and apologise out of humility, not for the gain of popularity but allow others to come to me so I can shine for Jesus. I believe the night before when I prayed I have shaken mountains somewhere!

    I told my mother about you and she told me when I was younger that you had a burden for me. I have to admit I feel uncomfortable now walking into the north london church where I was born into because I have been looked down because of my tattoos or my hair. I have forgiven but also most importantly understood that where I might not appeal to my parents culture however I am favoured and used by God both in the UK and Canada, this feeling is unbeatable.

    I truly can’t quantify the satisfaction I feel knowing how much God warms my soul with His unmatched love. Remember Bro Rohit that you are part of my Gods love filled story in 2023.


  4. I am reminded of listening to this message on YouTube. https://youtu.be/edited
    It is an individual’s choice to join or leave their church. As Christians, it is our duty to pray for him. Well and good if we can fish souls for Christ because we commissioned to do so. When we get closer to our living God the dirty devil pulls us down. This has been my experience. Let’s pray for this brother. We need not worry about the system but pray about it. We are saved by pure 100% grace. Just put a big full-stop and mind our own business. Many have requested prayers. Pray for them instead of finding faults.

    1. Timothy, are you still with the system? Is that why you say that , the ones leaving the church are pulled down by the devil. If yes, we humbly request you to stop talking like the typical TPM style. Anyone who sins till the end and dies within the system receive the highest place just because they completed within the system. That’s the norm seen all these years.

      Anyone who leaves the system for a greater eternal purpose by the Lord, are pulled down by the devil?
      Please educate your fellow system members real Bible ,not man made texts. Then we will not be able to point our fingers toward others who are really called and chosen by Almighty ,to do His will, not just simply following a century old man made system which breaks all basic and fundamental Christian teachings by Jesus and the apostles.

      Please listen to Br Rohit’s latest sermons with a clear eye, removing the mask of the system. The same brother who couple years ago, preached the criteria to go to Zion is by joining the system and clearly mentioned the Celibacy his parents practiced at home to gain Zion , and his father was called directly to Zion before joining the system full time, is now preaching the real Bible. That’s the change required when you truly serve the Master Jesus.

      If someone is going literally down and sad about Br Rohit leaving the system, it is the weight of their pride within the system due to their popularity. Sad to say, people are more concerned about the amount of great testimonies they get during their funeral than about where exactly they go after death. At Jesus’s death, only very few were present. Not a cloud of white clad people standing in line for testimonies.

  5. Hi All,

    Ireland believer here. First of all, I just wanna say, brother leaving has been a massive shock to our church. Along with brother, we’ve had many old believers also leaving the church and that has left us in a terrible mess; one which we are only recovering from slowly. So many people from all over the world are asking us questions that are irrelevant to them; some of which we do not know the answer to. It is rather amusing to find people making assumptions about brother, and his intentions for leaving the church; many having never met the man themselves. The guy that impersonated Brother Rohit a few comments above this really needs to work on his written English. Also, I want everyone to know that he did not leave for any person or family, but rather disagreements in certain theological ideas which are unimportant to the ultimate goal of finding God and walking with Him for the average believer. Whoever is spreading the lies about him leaving for reasons which can be extrapolated from the above comments needs to seek help.

    Even though he left, we are still in contact with him and those in his new church. By God’s grace, he is doing well, and his ministry is going well. For what it’s worth, the church in Ireland is also doing well by God’s grace (not that any one of you cares). We have all learned a lot through this period, and it has somehow brought us all as a church and as individuals closer to God. It has taught us that we don’t go to heaven by listening to a mighty preacher or by being part of a church, but quite simply by walking hand in hand with Christ alone, and I hope every one of you looking into this situation ends up realizing this.

    If any of you has any questions, please feel free to not ask. I’m not bothered to come back to this site. With that being said, slán.

    1. Hi yall
      First of all as an actual Irish believer
      The hypocritical post from above is absolutely disrespectful and untrue towards the Irish church as we’ve been through a lot. We are doing perfectly fine without him even though he took the weak branches from the tree (aka) “rohits followers”
      Whoever wrote the above
      I believe it is one of the youth and whoever dared to write the above post please don’t speak on behalf of the whole church and if you’re too scared to say your name you deserve punishment by the church, not physically but you need counselling by the servants of God
      I heard from the above comment the Irish church still keeps in contact with Rohit which is completely false and we are shocked at him and his believers behaviour in avoiding us and denying to speak to us
      With that being said
      Hei Hei!
      (Find that yourself)

      1. You sound typical TPM. Better stay there. Bro. Rohit left because God opened his eyes to see where TPM is heading to under the leadership of Pas. Abraham. No divine revelations or sound teachings, just man made doctrines which contradicts to the word of God.

        1. After five months , and that church is already starting to wobble. It’s build on the sand (and in other words it is build on the hatred to TPM). In the Bible it is saying hatred is equal to murder. So by that metric, the people in that chruch is doing mass murder. its is sad to see.

          1. Holy TPM A R Rahman, show basic honesty and put your real name at least. Thank you for explaining the Biblical
            Meaning of sand. I would like to have.a copy of your Bible , which says about sand, which means hatred to TPM.
            If that’s the case, then ‘rock’ means lovers of a man made organization?
            Stop accusing the brethren. Abstain from all filth and blasphemes.
            God has a purpose. He plants, He plucks. You are supposed to love and pray for others. Get rid of spirit of blasphemy.
            Accuser of the brethren , repent and turn to God for mercy.

  6. Guys let br , rohith live in peace and do his ministry . he has started his own ministry in dublin , so he hasn’t left the ministry , then why you people are so concerned and upset . he is a happy man now . he is not a child and he knows better than all of us , God is leading him in the right track . let God use him mightily in ireland

    1. Glad to hear that. Can you please put the link to August 2022 Düsseldorf convention message if possible.

    2. Glad to hear that Bro Rohit started the ministry and is pleasing the creator not the creations.
      Can you please post brother’s August 2022 message at Düsseldorf convention.

    1. We will pray for you

      2 Cor 12:9 And he said unto me, My grace is sufficient for thee: for my strength is made perfect in weakness

    1. He left TPM from Ireland along with few other ministers. Sad state of TPM chiefs. We should pray for chiefs to be led by Holy Spirit and to preserve the former standards.

          1. Omg 😳 Really.. They kept him in good position for the works of God in Abroad. Then how come ??
            Now Where is he ?

          1. Rohit left because *****
            To all who are reading- ******
            There are people who know the truth and have ***
            [edited by admin]

          2. Why u left TPM brother just for a [… censored by admin….] 😢😢..Everyone misses u a lot .. First of all , Everyone is in shock .. No one could believe u left. Ur Bro. Teju has literally gone very very down ..

      1. Brother Rohith had been chosen by God to do HIS will and not to please the church rules. Brother Rohith is a true servant of God and he preaches the word of God also he practices the word of God in his personal life. I have observed him in many occasions that he think carefully and say the right word in the right time.
        His sermon in Düsseldorf convention in the last year (August 2022) woke up the chief Pastor Abraham, other servants of God in Europe including the believers who were there at that time. Almighty God is still using him to fulfill HIS purpose.
        I did not attend this convention last year but I received his sermon and I listened carefully. His personal experiences with God during the Covid-19 period pushed him forward to say the gospel and the doctrines of the early apostles in UK as well as in whole Europe now. Praise the Lord.

        1. Good job Bro. Rohit. God has given you the confidence and boldness to come out of strong holds and system created by man. Yes Covid 19 lock down opened the eyes of many. People who have access to internet, knew the truth. The truth has set them free.
          People are concerned about the organization’s system not people’s lives or eternity.
          Those who are reading this, please educate your fellow brethren that the system cannot assign a seat in eternity nor even guarantee any.
          We all came to this world individually and individually we have to meet our creator back.
          So our close walk with Jesus matters. Not the system.
          Popularity among TPM/UPC/NTC brethren does not give you Zion or you name the high places.
          Skipping medicines and drinking coke and Pepsi instead is not considered as divine healing. Understand the truth brothers and sisters.
          We are saved by grace, not by system. The system is a pointer. But do not rely on system and trade your eternity.

    2. ############## comment blocked by editor ###################
      Stop all these nonsense people, focus on your life and start marching ahead in your life fulfilling your passion and dreams in life , ################### Just be positive and carry on with your life in a realistic and practical way

      1. Dai admin loosae

        Either post my comment fully or just don’t post, servants of god are just ********.


        Admin > Comment edited
        Whilst we respect everyone views, we cannot let this site be a battle ground. Therefore sorry any comment which will instigate either part will be edited and cut off. Any Neutral comments please feel free to post

        1. See there is nothing neutral comments , if you are in neutral, your vehicle will not move, move on mate, I would say stop praising and worshiping the TPM ministers there are just a human like us and there is nothing special about it, in fact you don’t need them as an agent to god, god is universal and is everywhere, so let your site be a good ground for challenges and healthy reality discussions.

  7. pray for my life.en life sikalil ulladhu telling about my life partner.me and god only know wt the problem is.. dont mistake me pray me pray me and save me from all evils.want to change good to my jesus..

  8. Brother, I want to know that i am using creaked software is it wrong in the side of God?

    (Brother u may think very useless question is this anyway tell me )

  9. Could I please have Brother Theju’s email address?
    Thank you and God Bless you
    Chris Devadas – Toronto East

  10. Bro. Teju is from chennai. Currently serving the lord at The Pentecostal mission, tambram, chennai, tamilnadu, india.

  11. Bro. i’ve like the sermons . My center is xxx and my number is xxxx. Bro i’m in living in sin, forces of evil have affected me. So kindly request to Pray.




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