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“This poor man cried, and the LORD heard him, and saved him out of all his troubles.” Psa 34:6

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God Bless.

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364 Responses

  1. Praying that I close all big business deals on the pipeline, please align the universe in my favour to close these business this month

  2. Dear Brother/Sister,
    I am hemadribabu from Chennai. I hereby write my prayer request to seek a suggestion prayerfully that’s happening in my Job.
    I recently joined a company in Bangalore by name Q2 Software by Nov 2023. though I am doing working from home , the work is so hectic that Its very difficult to take leaves and the management expectations is very high which I am not able to withstand the pressure.
    At the same time during Nov 2023 I got other offer from Chennai by name UST, I worked in the same company 10 years before. They have released offer and asking me to join, but I am postponing to join.
    Compared to salary the Chennai company salary is little low with reference to Bangalore company . The Chennai company I need to go to office 3 days a week , where as for Bangalore I can work remotely and should go to Bangalore as and when they call like monthly once or two months once .
    Because of pressure in work in Bangalore company , I am getting stressed and I am planning to Quit the company and join in the Chennai company . But I don’t want to take decision on my own , So I am placing my request in Gods feet to know the decision , either to continue in that Bangalore office or to join the Chennai company .
    Can you please pray for me to take a decision .
    In Jesus name I write this prayer request.

  3. I hope this email finds you well. My name is Sonia, and I am reaching out to you from Punjab, India. I have been following your ministry on YouTube and have been deeply moved by your powerful prayers and messages.
    I am writing to humbly request your prayers for my father his name is Raj Kumar , who is currently in a critical condition in the hospital’s emergency room. Two days ago, he suffered a severe brain attack, and the doctors have informed us that his condition is very critical. One of his brain veins has a blood clot, and his face and one lag is significantly swollen.
    I believe in the power of prayer, and I am earnestly seeking your intercession for my father’s health. I trust that God will work miracles through your prayers and that He will guide the hands of the medical professionals caring for him.
    Please join me in praying for my father’s complete healing and recovery. May God’s healing touch be upon him, and may His will be done in this situation.
    Thank you for your prayers and support during this challenging time.
    Sincerely, Balwinder Kaur

  4. Praise the Lord, i got Baptism in the name of JESUS, but i am believing father, holy spirit. God has filled with me with holy spirit, revealed his plan about me also. I have doubt many days about my baptism is it crct or not …, today i heard the message By Pas. Durai about the baptism ,which i took is wrong. so now i have doubt am i need to take baptism once again. please advise i like to live as per the word of GOD.

  5. I was given a powerful prophecy from the pulpit on Jan 1, 2022. I’ve been walking it out in faith all year. I need to be participating in it’s fulfillment. Pray for wisdom in how to participate with this prophecy. Pray for strong steps of faith to take. Pray for greater wisdom, insight and revelation into the meaning of the prophecy. Pray for guidance in my prayers, to pray with understanding, faith, courage, commitment, love, and wisdom form the Lord, praying into the fulfillment of this. Pray that many powerful prayer warriors will pray with faith, direction and commitment for it’s fulfillment. Thank you.

  6. I am a student.15 year old boy.
    Pray for my life, family and country.
    Pray for Evangelist and non Christian people.

  7. Hi pastor and all my wonderful brothers and sisters at WORD will save! Only if you have a second, please say a prayer for me – homeless, yet saved at 75. I have moments that only prayer can get me through! GOD richly bless you! brother Danny 6/9/22

  8. Me and my husband planing to go to Canada brother .. for job purpose .. please pray for us .. also brother please pray for my Marraige life ,.. some disturbances are entering in our spiritual life … Please pray for us brother .. also for my husband health .. thank you brother for praying for us

    1. We will pray for you

      Mark 10:9
      What therefore God hath joined together, let not man put asunder.

  9. I have an in-law who had terrible encounters in his dreams and lost his sight on waking up. Kindly help me pray for his deliverance that he might see again. His name is Mr. Godwin Ekma.

  10. Due to a friends mistake Co arrived at the wrong destination. Please bring him safely to the right one, and until then protect him from harm.

  11. Dear everyone,

    Our dear firstborn daughter, Rhoda (name from the new testament) is born healthy and well on 22-01-2022. Everything went even better than imagined, and our prayers have surely been answered about that it was a delivery exactly like we wished for and prayed for. However, in the end, I needed some stiches, and in that process I had too much blood loss… and needed to stay in the hospital for 2 days and now I need more recovery time because of this..I need to take things more slow and more recovery than when this had not happened. Please also pray for me, for the psychological side, for the healing part of this event, because suddenly lots of doctors needed to rush to my bed to help me stop bleeding.. We are so thankfull for our little miracle, and for your support.

    Please continue to pray for the breast feeding, that I will succeed in this and be able to continue to do this well for as long as possible. Please pray for the maternity help we are getting from the government, that we be able to get the maximum hours of care we have a right to and that we will be matched with the right female worker to do this at our house, who will help us the best and in a proper way. This worker helps with things like breastfeeding, cleaning and all we need to know to take good care of our little one… We had some very terrible nights the past first nights, because our baby girl was crying a lot and keeping us awake and we didn’t knew what to do with her to stop this. Please pray for us, to be able to cath up the missed sleep and to be able to have good nights sleep from now on…. that we will be able to sleep well and handle our daughter in the right order so that she will be happy too.

    Please continue to pray for my husband and me, that my husband will keep lots of success and blessings in his career. He wants to apply for a new job, as a car driving instructor or car driving examiner., because he is not that happy in his current job any longer after lots of years having done this, he longs for a fresh step further. Also pray for the Netherlands, and the rulers, that all human right violations will stop as soon as possible and that a 2G policy or anything like this will never become a reality.

    My husband is going to talk with the police next week, monday, about the serious situations with our addict neighbour. Pray for my husband, to speak the right words, for saying the right things so that they will act on this and take us serious enough to do something to stop this situation. We are suffering from this for 2 years now and desperately need breakthrough in this, that either our neighbour will leave, or has to leave, or that we will get another place to live somehow.

    Please pray for the relationship between my husbands dad and me, to get better. He will visit us and our firstborn next week and in the past he treated me badly.

    I don’t have a job at the moment. I am in a job coaching process with a christian jobcoach. We need many many (financial) miracles. Please keep us in prayer for our marriage, little family, and our (financial) situations. Furthermore, I also still need to get a lot of money back from the tax authorities, from tax deductible expenses and government allowances among beneficial funds, and study depth lowrance, please pray they will give this rightfully without corruption or delay back to me in accordance with what belongs to me.

    Furthermore, our neighbor is a drug addict and has a history of domestic violence and lost 2 jobs from home because of this, and he has many many serious issues. I have heard him beating up his girlfriend for almost 1 year. He also has threatened me in the recent past, even when pregnant, and when he sees me he intimidates me, brings fear and calls me out and uses violent words and tries to bully and attack me in these ways, and almost also goes into physical violence. This can only stop when he needs to be kicked out.Thank you for taking such an active role in helping us. Bless you and all your dear ones! Lots of love from us, Karsten and Amanda van Loon

  12. I work in a Christian ministry, and there is a meeting where I will open in prayer. In this regular meeting, there is deep-seated hostility, contempt, hatred, constant lying, and a willingness to slander other people to leadership. I sense the Lord leading me to open with a powerful prayer for deliverance: the problems are too destructive, and the ministry means too much. Pray for wisdom, power, the words to say and the right Scriptures to pray for deliverance. Pray that through the prayer the Lord will bring complete deliverance from hostility, contempt, anger, jealousy, pride, ego, lying and backstabbing. Pray that through the prayer the Lord will bind the spirit of narcissism and all related demons that are destroying our ministry, and evict them, completely cast them out never to return. Pray for the Lord’s anointing on my prayer for deliverance, and that the Lord will wash everyone in the meeting with the powerful blood of Christ, deliver them completely and bring conviction and repentance as I’m praying. If it gets bad, pray that many will provide strong support, praying powerful prayers for deliverance along with me. Thank you.

  13. Request prayer for my son David Raphael 18 years old..drastic changes in his behaviour.
    May God open a way for him to take water baptism and receiving holy spirit.
    Thank you. God Bless.

  14. Please pray for my husband to get a job in coimbatore… we are alone in Hyderabad no one is there in Hyderabad. Lost my mother. MY father is alone in coimbatore please pray

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