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  1. Pray for my relationship with N be restored. Pray that N’s heart be healed from the pain I have caused him. Pray that N call me. Pray that I forgive myself for the hurt I cause N. Pray that God heal both our hearts. Pray that this relationship be turned over to God. Pray that the walls N is putting up be torn down. I take authority of the lying spirits coming against our relationship. Lying Spirits, you no longer have control over this relationship. Pray in the name and through the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ, that God build a “hedge of thorns” around my relationship with N. pray that through this hedge, any other lover will lose interest and depart. I base this prayer on Your Word which commands that what You have joined together, let not man put asunder

  2. Dear Pastor
    I am xx xx, writing to you with a prayer request for the unborn baby of 32 weeks and my wife, xx;
    This is our first baby going to be born after 3 years of marriage. After 13 weeks pregnancy scan being all well, we went for a 20 weeks scan and scan report showed all being normal except for baby having a cyst in the brain (Choroid plexus cyst), both left and right side of the brain measuring 6.8 mm and 10mm. Doctor informed that such cases are 1 in 1000, and generally the cyst disappears during the following weeks. However, some stay and would lead to other developmental complications.
    Hearing this news we were broken and not sure what is going to happen. This is our first baby. I read lot about this issue on the internet and was worried even more, I had not told my wife all the details, but only to pray about it.
    I informed our close friends and pastors about this issue and requested prayers. With continued prayers we received miracle that the cyst disappeared from the brain on 28 weeks scan. We thank god for all this blessings on this matter.
    However, though cyst had disappeared there was new problem that the hands and legs had no movements. Doctor informed us to perform minor operation (to extract flued from the womb and send for test). We prayed about this and continued to ask friends to pray over it and finally even this report came normal, but this was only a interim report, the final report was not received as some development issue took place during testing.
    The doctors did several rounds of tests and informed that there was no movements at all in the hands and legs and they asked us to go for scan with one of the best doctors on the scan procedures Dr. Rama Murthy (Radiologist). At this point baby was 30 weeks, this Radiologist declared that the baby has the issue called “Arthrogryposis Multiplex congenita”. It seems this happens only 1 in 10,000 babies, the main reason for this was genetic issues. Yes, our marriage was within our own relatives.
    Again I read lot about this on internet and lost hope on the future of this baby. I am told this baby will be born disabled with no legs and hands movement and was asked to terminate the pregnancy. I have no words to express the sorry are going through this.
    We went to see several other doctors for 2nd, 3rd opinions and all of them said to go with what is declared by Dr. Rama Murthy as he is the best in the field of scan and if its certified by him then there is no need of any other opinions. It took several weeks to come to terms with the facts as informed by the doctors. We attended several rounds of counselling and learnt that we will not have resources to give good future health care for the baby with the condition, by then it was already 32 weeks.
    We continued to prayed that if its only Gods will let this happen. We continued to go with doctors’ advice and always payed that god will let this happen only if it’s his will. Soon after this the same doctors informed that termination is not possible at this stage.
    We continue to pray for healthy baby and Jesus will heal the baby by the time of delivery all things will be normal. We need your specific prayer on the unborn baby and the going to be mother. We believe in Jesus the power of God and all well go well. We seek your prayers and join us to stand in faith.
    I have prayed that this baby is our first born and all first born and first fruit belongs to god, so we decided to dedicate the baby to god and for his ministry. I prayed that this baby will be born normal and will grow to be a Pastor and not as doctor, engineer or any other. This baby will be born for god’s work as it is going to be born by gods special blessings from our prayers.
    We submit our unborn baby in lords hand and continue to pray and have faith that all goes well, to bring Glory to his name and proclaim the blessings. We request your kind prayers on this and we believe your prayers will help the baby and mother
    Thank you

  3. Dear Prayer warrriors in Christ, I am single parent to a 21 year old boy. My son is drug addict for the last 6 yraes & he was in a rehab for 10 months. But when he came back he started to do drugs again. My first husband & my son’s father died in an accident when my son was just a year old. I got married again & after almost 16 years of marriage my 2nd husband left me for another woman. I am also from pentecostal background. But due to my problems I also went away from God & started thinking that there is no god. But God never left me or my son as I had dedicated my son to God even before conceiving. I am facing fianncial problems too. I have a very good person in my life now who was with me when everyone had left me & my son to die. He is Hindu but I think that god must be having some plan to bring him in my life, he has been more than my own blood to me, stood by me through thick & thin. But people like to believe that my son has gone inwrong way because of my relationship but this person came into my life when my elder brother took my son away from me as my brother did not have his own child. My brother turned my son against me even before this person came into my life. When I was left with no one & when my own family left me to fend for myself or to die this person came into my life. This thing my brother has put son’s mind too & now my son thinks that no one loves him. He has left the house 6 days back, I don’t where he is & how he is managing. I tried to reach him but he said that he’ll never come back. My ex-husband had told him on his face that he is not my son’s father & this has hurt him a lot.
    Prayer request is-that my son should leave all the bad company & come back home. God should fill his heart with His love & understanding. God should remove all the powers of darkness & remove his ignorant mind & bring him to His love. He should understand me & my love for him. God should take charge of his life. Pray for my fainancial problems & my health. Pray for the person in my life that he should also come into Christ. Thanks for praying for me. Praise the Lord!

  4. Prayer For the Second Coming of Jesus –

    I pray that Jesus Christ returns to Earth soon, to bring the eternal love and peace of the Kingdom of God to all who believe in Him, and for every knee to bow to Him, and for every tongue to confess that Jesus is Lord at His return. Amen.
    Dear fellow Christians, please pray for this prayer request above, and please share it with everyone! Until it comes true, and Jesus returns to save His people – which hopefully, by then, will include all of us!
    Thank You!
    God bless you!
    Leo Sourisseau
    Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
    [email protected]

  5. Please pray that widow’s benefits will be released to me from my late husband, I ask it in the Name of Jesus. Thank you.

  6. Please pray that Jesus will heal my son Preston of high cholesterol and high blood pressure. He is 31, and the medication has bad side effects. I ask it in the Name of Jesus. Thank you.
    His Mom.

  7. I am being attacked by an evil spirit, psychic attack, an attack to distroy my family, since long time, please pray and help me,, we lost love and joy. I am also attacked in my areas of finances as well, no right job for long time, have debts, please pray . I know God can heal and the power of God and authrotiy in Jesus which God has given to the saints of TPM. I was fighting this battle all alone…

  8. In our 17 years married life not a single day passed without Qurelling in our family life my wife is 43 years old still she is doubting even a silly matter. I am 49 years old though we are TPM belivers it is sad to me. I was cheated by my mother in law by her numbers of her lie.(they are from Methodist church background) But god has blessed me by pious Daughter for her sake I have been tolerating everything. I from Tamil Nadu my wife is from Pune [born &brought) . Every saturday i am attending Fasting Prayer for peace of my family.
    My wife doest not like to come to Tamil Nadu in occasions. Some time I feel that why made my life as HELL. Please pray for my family peace.

  9. My 1 month old daughter is diagnosed with a large VSD and she is under medication. She is not taking enough feed and loosing weight each day. In addition to that she is vomiting. We seek your prayer support so that she start taking milk and gain weight. Also for closing the VSD spontaneously. Doctor advised to have open heart surgery in another 1 to 2 months. I know my God is a healer.

  10. DEAR PASTOR: .Please pray for me to get good job soon according to will of Jesus Christ and to give me good wisdom,knowledge ,communication skill and strength

  11. Dear Brother/sister in Christ, Please pray for my family peace. I am married to Jancy K of Nagercoil (Pursuing M.A History) at Women Christian College – Nagercoil. We are not living together now because of her studies. This is the mistake done by me. Where satan came in between our life. There is lot of problems in our life. Now, she is going to complete here studies after 06-May-2015. Kindly request you to pray for our life. We both should live a happy life / should be blessed with heavenly blessing. We both should understand each other. God should be mediator in our life. Our life should be a testimony to others.

  12. Praise the lord
    I am writing this letter about my a days our house construction is going on, but neighbour make hindrance about our property. thatswhy my both house parents are some problem.Please pray for god will do miracle in this matter and both parents make love each other
    Thanking You

  13. I need your prayer to get a call from my MD to join again where I resigned due to suspension.

    When I said my resignation no one bothered They never thought the work performance even continued to work day and night

    They must feel my presence mandatory

  14. Please pray for Alexander , that he will have a revelation of the Father’s great love for him, a love that surpasses our natural understanding and our intellect.

    He has head knowledge of Catholic doctrine, but does not have a relationship with God. He sees God as a wrathful taskmaster, not a God of love. Pray that the chains will be broken and blinders removed, and that he would know his worth in God’s eyes. He is able. Nothing is impossible with God!

    Pray that he and his family will have a divine encounter with God, that they will be filled with the Holy Spirit, and have a spiritual lens change!

    Please also pray for healing from autism for his youngest brother!

  15. Could you please pray for Kevin T. to be saved, for Jesus to become very real to him…and to be set free from depression, fear, anxiety and any suicidal thoughts. For the love of Father God to deep, deep into his heart and bring hope, healing, joy and peace. And for him to get off the streets, find a good place to stay and a steady job. Thank you!

  16. Could you pray for Kevin to be saved, set free from depression, anxiety and suicidal thoughts…to be filled with an experiential knowledge of the Father’s great love for him, with new hope, peace and joy…also for him to find a home (he’s been living homeless) and a good job. Thank you.

  17. Beloved Brother in Christ,

    Its being more than 3 years after our marriage, awaiting for kids in the presence of God. we are believers who born and brought up in faith and we just need our God to open ways & destroy all bondages against it. God alone should give us children of God’s will as this should be a testimony for others and an opportunity to glorify the name of God. !

    here i am requesting your valuable Prayers,
    Praise the lord.

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